MEMBER THEATER 2004 - 2011

The Waverly Gallery
The Cemetery Club
Southern Comforts

Shades of Twilight - Fran Pesch
Southern Comforts - Fran Pesch

Eighty-Two - Fran Pesch
The Cemetery Club - Fran Pesch

Eighty-Two - Bert Staub, Harold Fox, Lisa Sadai, Gerry Sadai, and Rich Sommer
Driving Miss Daisy - Virginia Garcia, Garry Pritchett, and Greg Smith
The Waverly Gallery - Barbara Jorgensen, Adam J. Leigh, Alex Carmichal, Susan Robert, and Don Campbell
Shades of Twilight - Barbara Jorgensen, Roger Watson, John Beck, Joan Harrah, Terry Lupp, and Charles Larkowski
The Cemetery Club - Norma Sharkey, Terry Lupp, Barbara Jorgensen, Joan Harrah, and Bert Staub

Dutch Waterman - You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running (I'm Herbert)
Bert Staub - You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running (I'm Herbert)
Gayle Smith - Just the Sweet Stuff
Virginia Garcia - Just the Sweet Stuff
Cheryl Mellen - Just the Sweet Stuff
Bert Staub - Visiting Mr. Green
Barbara Jorgensen - The Waverly Gallery
Virginia Garcia - Driving Miss Daisy
Barbara Jorgensen - Shades of Twilight
Charles Larkowski - Shades of Twilight
Barbara Jorgensen - The Cemetery Club
Norma Sharkey - The Cemetery Club
Barbara Jorgensen - The Gin Game
Charles Larkowski - The Gin Game
Barbara Jorgensen - Southern Comforts
Greg Smith
- Southern Comforts

Circle Mirror Transformation
“This fast-moving premiere, deftly directed with impressive, character-conscious timing by Annie Pesch and incorporating onstage seating, features a first-rate cast...Baker’s acclaimed material is more interesting than engaging, but a worthwhile look at unconventional unity nonetheless.”
Read more of Russell Florence, Jr.'s Dayton Most Metro review here.

“Good acting and good directing let all these forces coalesce...Congratulations to YAHP for adding to our understanding and appreciation of life and theater.”
Burt Saidel, Oakwood Register

First Kisses
"'First Kisses'...receives a terrific staging courtesy of the senior-themed theater troupe Young at Heart Players...both actors bring impressive nuance and versatility to the proceedings, deftly directed by Young at Heart founder Fran Pesch."
Read more of Russell Florence, Jr.'s Dayton Most Metro review here.

"First Kisses delivered its message...Together they wove a warm and persuasive fabric of life and love. It was a play that drew the audience into this emerging circle...I was quite moved by First Kisses from beginning to end. Isn't this what good theater should do to an audience? It certainly did."
Read more of Burt Saidel's Oakwood Register review here.

Best Community Theater Production of a Play - Circle Mirror Transformation (Nomination, Most Metro)
Best Supporting Actress in a Play - Megan Cooper, Circle Mirror Transformation (Nomination, Most Metro)