Our History

YAHP was founded by Fran Pesch in the spring of 2000. Our first year was spent on becoming acquainted with each other through socialization activities and theatre games. In June 2001, we presented our first full production, Waiting in the Wings. Without a permanent home, our performance history has been dictated by the ability to secure locations whose schedules allowed for us to come in for a weekend or two. These past fifteen years have been challenging, especially on those occasions when we performed in non-traditional venues that necessitated bringing in our lighting and sound equipment. YAHP has been blessed to have dedicated performers and crew who have journeyed with us through the years. Their friendship, trust, and adaptability have contributed greatly to our success.

Production History

Waiting in the Wings - June 2001 (Dayton Playhouse)
Driving Miss Daisy - November 2001 (Patterson Homestead)
Driving Miss Daisy - October 2002 (Dayton Theatre Guild)
You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water’s Running - November 2003 (Dayton Theatre Guild)
The Last of the Thorntons - April 2004 (Dayton Playhouse)
Just the Sweet Stuff - October 2004 (Engineer’s Club)
Eight-Two - June 2005 (Dayton Playhouse)
Visiting Mr. Green - June 2006 (Dayton Playhouse)
The Whales of August - August 2006 (Dayton Playhouse)
Driving Miss Daisy - September/October 2006 (Dayton Theatre Guild)
The Waverly Gallery - June 2007 (Dayton Playhouse)
Shades of Twilight - June 2008 (Dayton Playhouse)
The Cemetery Club - June 2009 (Dayton Theatre Guild)
The Gin Game - June 2010 (Dayton Playhouse)
Southern Comforts - June 2011 (Dayton Theatre Guild)
Love, Loss, and What I Wore - April 2013 (Dayton Theatre Guild)
Circle Mirror Transformation - June 2016 (Dayton Playhouse)
Ripcord - November 2016 (Dayton Playhouse)
First Kisses - June 2017 (Dayton Playhouse)